UAD – Which NAD 2022 Proposed Priorities?

Members, we need your help!  Delegates who will represent UAD at the upcoming NAD Conference in Orlando, June 29th through July 3rd are Kim Lucas, President; Ryan Layton; Treasurer; and Martin Price, Board Member.   They want to know which priorities you feel that UAD should support for NAD to work on in the next two years.  The delegates will discuss and vote on which 5 priorities out of all 17 proposed priorities.

Use the Google Slides viewer below to watch all 17 proposals in ASL, or visit NAD’s website to read them in English.
Once you’re ready to vote on which 5 of them you’d like to see NAD work on for the next 2 years, click/tap here or scroll down to the end of this page to the poll. Don’t forget to click or tap on the ‘Vote’ button to submit your votes!

UAD will work on getting your choices approved by the entire Council of Representatives at the conference.

Next month’s UAD Bulletin (July) will feature which 5 priorities have been decided on along with other news from NAD Conference.

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