Our Board Members

Kim Lucas


A native of Guatemala – 4th generation, her deaf childhood was spent in Ft. Lauderdale Oral School for 11 years.  She attended American School of Guatemala before she went to Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB ’81).  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (’86) and a Master degree in Educational Technology (’93) from Gallaudet University.  She was instrumental in setting up the Educational Interpreting Program at the University of South Florida in 1995 and worked as a department coordinator for 5 years.  Her family relocated to Utah from Florida in 2007 due to her job promotion at Sorenson Communications as the National Training Manager in the Outreach department.  Currently, she works as an upper elementary school teacher at Kenneth Burdett School (KBS, USDB).  During her spare time, she enjoys gardening, browsing books at bookstores, and watching Netflix.


Ashli-Marie Grant
Vice President

Ashli-Marie was born in Alaska and is a Tlingit (Native Alaskan).  She was raised in Washington State.  She got involved in local politics when she was twelve years old.  She has loved community involvement and advocating ever since.  She attended Rochester Institute of Technology and now lives in Salt Lake City, where she works for Sorenson Interpreting Services. She loves traveling, reading, chatting with friends, watching movies, and playing with her deaf dog, Buzz.

Adam Janisieski

Born and raised in western part of Massachusetts, where he has that New England charm. He became deaf at a very young age from high fever. Attended a small deaf school before mainstream full time at local public school. He graduated from Gallaudet University with BA in Mathematics and Ashford University with MBA in Marketing. He enjoys travel, playing board games, cooking, and being outdoors to appreciate nature.

Ben Daniel

Ben Daniel was born Deaf and grew up moving across the country with his family. He moved to Utah during high school and was introduced to Deaf culture when he joined the USDB boys’ basketball team as a senior and has never looked back. After brief stops at Gallaudet and Utah Valley University, he graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Facility and Property Management. While in college, Ben co-founded 5 Star Interpreting, and currently oversees the financial side of the business. He also works full-time at Communication Services for the Deaf, Inc as their Financial Analyst.

Ben is also currently serving as the Secretary/Treasurer for Northwest Association of Deaf Basketball (NWADB), and has formerly served as Treasurer for the Utah chapter of RID, and as the Finance Chair for the 2017 ASLTA conference in SLC. 

When Ben isn’t playing in basketball or slow-pitch softball leagues, you can find him spending time with his family or training for Spartan races. He and his wife live in Provo with their three children.

Martin Price
Board Member 

Martin grew up in the backyard of the NAD Headquarters in Maryland where he attended public schools.  Upon graduation from NTID/RIT with an associate’s degree in Computational Mathematics, he worked as a deaf advocate and information specialist in Rochester.  He then went on to Gallaudet University and graduated with a bachelor’s in dual majors, Mathematics and Government.  After a brief stint in working with deaf people in inner cities of Chicago and New York, he graduated from Western Maryland College with a master’s in Deaf Education.  After many years as a math teacher and math curriculum specialist at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB), he went to obtain a Ed.S degree from Idaho State University in Special Education which enabled him to become the principal of both middle and high schools at FSDB for 10 years.  He has been involved in Jr. NAD since 1996 and was instrumental in setting up the Pages program at two NAD Conferences.  While serving as a board member of the Florida Association for the Deaf, he also chaired the NAD Youth Strategy Team.  Taking a break from education, he served as the National Director of Community Relations with Sorenson Communications for three years.  Missing the joy of interacting with students, he returned to the education field by becoming the Director of Kenneth Burdett School of the Deaf in Ogden, Utah as part of Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Brooke Grossinger
Board Member 

She is a native of Wisconsin who migrated to Utah after marrying the love of her life, Mark. Prior to moving to Utah, she lived in Washington D.C. where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Studies and a master’s degree in American Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. Her depth of knowledge about ASL and Deaf culture is something she passionately shares and discusses daily. When she is not working, she can be found serving various aspects of the Deaf community or camping up in the mountains with her family. As a mother of two children, one Deaf and the other hearing, she does her best to juggle her time with her beloved family and work. Brooke started with Sorenson’s marketing department eleven years ago. She describes Sorenson’s culture as “a blended family” comprised of Deaf, Coda, and hearing coworkers. In her role as community engagement manager, Brooke continues to grow both her own and Sorenson’s community network as she contributes to various organizations. Brooke’s ambition is to ensure all people gain a deep understanding of ASL and of the values and history of Deaf culture.

Nicolas Wolfe
Board Member 

My name is Nicolas Wolfe, born deaf and raised in Missouri.  My parents found out we (my older and twin brothers) are deaf, and we moved to town where we went to Deaf School.  I went to NTID and met my future wife there.  I graduated in 2011 and have our blessed son next year.  I moved to Washington, Missouri and finally, Utah with my new family.  I decided to seek a Bachelor Arts degree and graduated in December 2018 at University of Missouri with Film Production BA.   I love to make pre-production and post-production.  It’s my passion and I look toward work more with my production skill in the future.

Alan Donaldson
Board Member 

As an army brat, he went to three Deaf schools and graduated from California School for the Deaf in Riverside where he played different sports, especially basketball. Prior to working for the United States Postal Services for 10 years, he graduated from Utah Valley University with an associates’ degree in electronics and robotics.  After a brief stint at Sorenson as a customer service representative, he has been working at Internal Revenue Service for over 11 years now.  In his spare time, he enjoys learning new tips and tricks in computer software and is an avid fly fisherman.  He has two beautiful daughters.