Each day during #DeafBlindAwarenessWeek, we are highlighting a deafblind residen


Each day during #DeafBlindAwarenessWeek, we are highlighting a deafblind resident of Utah.

Deafblind is the condition of little or no hearing and sight (dual sensory loss). Because of this inherent diversity, each deafblind individual’s needs regarding lifestyle, communication, education, and work need to be addressed based on their degree of dual-modality deprivation to improve their ability to live independently.

Ramona does not consider herself an ADA activist but a passionate and hard-working deafblind advocate for the deafblind community. She provides justifications for others’ needs by introducing her advocacy commitment; she enjoys educating businesses, agencies, and organizations to gain a deeper understanding of deafblindness and encourages them to modify their facilities for a more inviting and inclusive environment for deafblind people.

Collaboration involves a level of engagement, and Ramona supports the Inter-Agency Committee involving several of Utah’s agencies collaborating as a team to fulfill their project goals and objectives to serve the Deafblind community better.

While it’s a hard job to introduce advocacy for the deafblind community, Ramona believes advocacy plays a powerfully positive role in making the world a better place. She has taken charge through self-advocacy and creating insightful awareness in several states, especially Utah, for the past 22 years. She founded Deafblind Advocacy Committee in Utah and produced its website on Facebook.

She recognized that a signed declaration for the “Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareness Week” is an excellent way of providing valuable education and information to the citizens of Utah and promoting special recognitions of several people for their extraordinary dedication to the deafblind community.

The most rewarding aspect of her vital role is when a Utah state leader, Governor Herbert, showed his appreciation to Ramona for her advocacy efforts. He shared a personal story that someone close to him will quickly gain resources, support, and accessibility needs because of her goal-driven mission.

One of Ramona’s favorite quotes, “Against all odds and in the face of all obstacles, you can still have your wish.”


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